Concepts and Projects

A grand combination of tinkling bells & melodious strings! A combined concert of BharatNatyam & Santoor recital. A perfect blend of South & North Indian dance & music! In this single concert music lovers can enjoy two different Indian music styles (South Indian & North Indian) & two different art-forms on one stage. A unique presentation with superb audio-visual effect! 
Solo BharatNatyam performance by Mrs. Swati (60- 90 min)
Santoor recital by Dr. Dhananjay (60-90 min). 
The Unique Jugalbandi of Santoor & Bharatnatyam (30 min)

Performed on the prestigious platforms worldwide since last 20 years.

Sura Shyama Ranga
A unique dance ballet based on compositions of poet Surdas. Music composed by Dr. Dhananjay Daithankar.