When the evening starts turning into the night & I am relaxing under the roof of the sky, full of glittering stars, I turn towards past & remember many golden moments of my musical career.
 My father, Digamber Daithankar, a vocalist, used to practice his musical notes in the early morning in the Lonavla, my mother Observed my rhythmical response towards his compositions, which was proved to be a dawn of my musical career. As a result of which, at the age of ten, I used to travel 120 kms, to pune to learn tabla under the able guidance of late Pt. G. L. Samant, who shaped my foundation for rhythm for ten years.
 My school and college days are of full of memories of interschool & college prizes and participating youth festival.
 In the year 1977-78 during my course of B. A. M. S. (Ayurvedic medicine) the delicate tunes of famous Kashmir instrument i. e. Santoor fascinated me.
 It is an interesting story altogether! As the instrument was not available in the market, at that time, I decided to manufacture one for myself. By watching the photograph on L. P. I made one by myself. As I showed it to Santoor maestro Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, he encouraged me & sent me to Pt. Ratanlal Tikoo from whom I learnt Santoor for four years.
 Turning point During those Passing years Pt. Shivkumarji was watching me carefully and one fine morning I received a great message that he himself will teach me further, as he sees spark in me. It was a memorable moment in my life because, whom I was worshipping as an idol had himself invited & accepted me as his disciple. Thus started my rigorous training under the able guidance of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, since then Santoor became my life's highest goal.
 In the meantime of my training with Pt. Shivkumar Sharma I completed my graduation in Ayurvedic medicine. One day Shivji met my father & asked him to encourage me to take Santoor as my career as he is seeing the artistic talent of a professional artist in me.
 Receiving “Surmani” Award in Sawai Gandharva festival, “Pune ki Asha” were the encouraging mile stones in my musical career. I also received National Scholarship for the 1988-90 for Santoor.
 As a also Santoor player, I have performed in major festivals in India & abroad. I had a privilege to travel throughout Gulf countries, Switzerland, France, U.S, on my professional pursuits.
 The blessings of Guruji & appreciation of the art lovers all over the world are the precious Gems in my musical life; which will boost me to pursue my art with hearty dedication forever.

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